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The Ravishing Shangri-La Rubies know how to put on and put together a good show! They have put together numerous shows for different events and work with several other burlesque artists as well as singers and bands, such as the jazz-singer and burlesque performer Lady Laverna and the blues orchestra Knucklebone Blues Band. This makes them (apart from their own spectacular solo-and duo acts) able to offer you a fabulous show of desired length to suit different themes and moods for the evening.


The Rubies also produce their own bi-monthly club RUBIES KLUBIT, as well as their annual Christmas Burlesque Revue spectacle "Under the Mistle Tease" and the summer show of their burlesque school.


TurrboCherry and Tinker Bell also work with photoshoots and other events, and for example functioned as the content producers for Pin-Up Finland between  2015-2017, organizing and styling the finalists' calendar photoshoot, giving workshops and putting together and hosting the big final show.


 The Ravishing Shangri-La Rubies are also available to host and MC your event.

You can view some of TurrrboCherry's and Tinker Bell's solo-acts separately HERE and HERE.




If The Ravishing Shangri-La Rubies were a tiki drink it'd be called The Ravishing Shangri-La Rubies, of course. Tiki action, Rubies-style. Be prepared for a lot of action, that is.


Duration 4:15 min

Watch Tikilicious on Vimeo HERE
Photo: Tuula Ylikorpi


A Rubies take on the classical fan dance. Beautiful and elegant, yet not lacking humourous elements.


Duration 3:15
See one version of Feather Fannies on Vimeo HERE
Photo: Heikki Hinkkanen


Vibes and aesthetics from the early 1900's in this act that has been performed both as a five- or three person group number and now also as a duo version.

Duration 6:58
Watch La Belle Decadence on Vimeo HERE
Photo: Minna Jerrman



The Rubies team up with Lady Laverna for a jazzy cabaret-burlesque show with live song, dance and burlesque acts. The show is also available in a (slightly) shorter version that is not related to Christmas.


Duration 10-40 minutes

Watch the teaser for the show HERE


Back to the jolly good ol' twenties! The Rubies' Charleston is an act in three parts of which the first can include live singing if such equipment is available. Can be performed with the "Feather Fannies"-fan dance at the end if a longer act is required.


Duration 6:30 min / with fan dance 9:45 min

See The Charleston on Vimeo HERE
Photo: Tuula Ylikorpi

Classic bump n' grind and extravagant costumes!

Duration 4:39
See Give It Away on Vimeo HERE
Photo: Tuomas Lairila

Even after the darkets night, a dawn must come.
The Ravishing Shangri-La Rubies with their two performing studet troupes in the biggest burelsque number in Finland; created for the opening of  the 10th and final Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2017. Suggestive and symbolic, resolving in a sparkling fan dance set up to a classic chorusgirl backdrop, this act requires a big stage, but can be performed as a smaller version.


Duration 5:35
Watch La Belle Decadence on Vimeo HERE
Photo: Minna Jerrman


The Ravishing Shangri-La Rubies and Knucklebone Blues Band do shows together as the Ruby Knuckles Sextet, with the Rubies performing burlesque acts to live music, as well as go-go dancing during the band's set. 



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