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The Ravishing Shangri-La Rubies host the most hilarious burlesque club in town, where the party still continues after the curtain is down to the great and booty-shakeable tunes of DJ Kuraattori Paalanen!  (And every now and theyn with fabulous guest DJ's as well). Always under a different theme, Rubies Klubit takes place about 6 times a year, as of  2020 residing at Veturitallit in Pasila, Helsinki.

KEKRIKLUBI, October 30, at Veturitallit.


If you would like to be considered to perform at Rubies Klubit please send us a video link of your act(s)!  Both domestic and international performers are encouraged to let us know about their existence - not necessarily limited to burlesque only; dance-, drag- and for example circus acts are welcome as well.  Fire is not possible at the venue, aerial can be arranged. All acts will be considered, however, we are rather specific. We value quality and creativity. Acts  are chosen based on what fits the vibe of the club as well as themes of the evenings. 

To get a little glimpse on what it's like during a night of Rubies Klubit, watch our feature video:

You can find Rubies Klubit on facebook as RubiesKlubit/Burlesque Club.

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